Nikkiso cryogenic pump

NIKKISO cryogenic pump

NIKKISO cryogenic pumps are ideal for transporting liquefied petroleum gas and liquefied natural gas. They are available in various models for numerous applications and industries, such as for installation in storage tanks.

NIKKISO cryogenic pumps have an extremely long life and are very efficient. They implement flow rates up to 3000 m³/h and discharge pressures up to 200 bar.

NIKKISO cryogenic pump

The solution for transferring liquefied petroleum gas.

The transfer of liquefied petroleum gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) takes place under extreme temperatures, in the case of LNG at −164 to −161 °C. The NIKKISO cryogenic pump is a reliable solution for these applications.

A special cryogenic submersible motor eliminates the danger of leaks and simplifies pump mounting. The bearings have a long service life by a minimal bearing load design. The pumps are available in different models such as those installed in storage tanks, out of which they can be taken when installing in a condensate tank or for fixed installation in tankers.

Moreover, we offer tests in our pump test facility with LNG at -162 °C.

Nikkiso cryogenic pump

Good reasons for a NIKKISO cryogenic pump

The NIKKISO cryogenic pumps are centrifugal submerged wetted motor pumps with a special cryogenic submersible motor.

Optimal selection of pump components

Pump components are selected so that all combinations of discharge and pressure are observed. Optimum pump capacities are accomplished by selecting high-efficiency impellers for flow rates and selecting the number of stages to meet pressure requirements.

Tested constructive design

The constructive design has been tested and approved by Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, BV, DNV, ABS and other classification societies.

Radial force balance

Radial forces are balanced by the symmetrical diffuser and by eliminating hydraulic instabilities.

Worldwide service network

NIKKISO is represented globally and maintains various authorized service centers in Europe, USA and Japan.

ISO-certified quality

NIKKISO is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 (quality management standard) and ISO 14001 (environmental management standard).

Minimum net positive suction head

The pump has an exceptional minimum net positive suction head.


Fixed displacement pump design

Fixed displacement pumps are used for LPG transporters and are mounted at the bottom of the tank or on the outlet line in the tank. We happily would like to provide advice on these designs!

Easy dismantlement

We rely on expandable pumps for maximum efficiency and flexibility, since any additional work is kept to a minimum and the tank must not be taken out of service.

Priming vessel according to standards

The priming vessel of Nikkiso cryogenic pumps is compliant to ASME, PED or EN standards. We therefore adhere to all current market standards. We would like to consult and support you at creating a customized solution for your specific application.

Mounting between pipe flanges

Flexible mounting of units and systems: pumps with priming vessels are usually mounted between pipe flanges with external suction and discharge connections.

Adjustable motor speed control

The motor can be controlled via the speed.

Vibration measurement and monitoring

Vibrations can be measured and monitored.

Complete documentation

In the process of documentation, we consider your requirements and provide inspection records, print samples, diagrams of output characteristics and registration papers on request.

Assembly on site

From engineering to commissioning – all from a single source: Our systems are suitable for sea transport and can be completely disassembled and reassembled at the destination.

Examination by experts and authorities

We also gladly provide performance diagrams and certificates of static pressure tests also by TÜV, Germanischer Lloyd’s, Lloyd’s R. of S. or other authorities.

Performance data

The NIKKISO cryogenic pump is available in various performance variants. The motor can also be adjusted individually to the respective application.

Drive unit data

Type 3-phase submerged induction motor
Frequency 50/60 Hz to 120 Hz with frequency converter
Voltage 200/400/3000/3300/6000/6600 V, etc.
Number of poles 2/4
Duty cycle continuous
Windings coiled in layers/coiled unevenly
Insulation vacuum pressure impregnation with a special cryogenic paint, Class F
Motor start Standard: Startup with full operating voltage
Optional: reduced operating voltage via frequency converter


Performance overview

Capacity diagramm NIKKISO Cryogenic pump


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