LEWA EcoPrime Chromatography System

LEWA EcoPrime®
Chromatography System (LPLC)

The EcoPrime from LEWA is a complete chromatography system from a single source. It uses our leading pump technologies such as LEWA intellidrive and LEWA diaphragm metering pumps.

Our chromatography system operates with flow rates of 0.030 l/min to 60 l/min. The widest dynamic adjustment range is 1:150.

LEWA EcoPrime® Chromatography System
Pioneering technologies combined for demanding applications.

We have combined state-of-the-art technologies to form LEWA EcoPrime: The combination of our tried-and-tested LEWA diaphragm metering pump in hygienic design with intellidrive technology forms the basis for one of the world's most advanced chromatography systems.

Use the LEWA EcoPrime as both a buffer dilution system and as a stand-alone chromatography system. With low holdup volumes and flexible adaptation to various process tasks, the EcoPrime is a chromatography system that gives your production process maximum performance and simple reproducibility.

LEWA EcoPrime Chromatography System

Good reasons to choose a LEWA EcoPrime® chromatography system

The LEWA EcoPrime chromatography system consists of a mechatronic drive unit, hygienic diaphragm metering pumps, and all additional applications.

Complete plants

Complete system with tried-and-tested LEWA pumps

From selecting pumps through to system components, LEWA pieces together your specific chromatography process solution in its entirety. The heart of the LEWA EcoPrime system is the pump technology with EHEDG-compliant pump heads in hygienic design, multilayer PTFE diaphragm, and diaphragm monitoring system. The pump heads are separated from the gear unit compartment, which prevents the contamination of the liquid.


Unmatched accuracy

What makes the LEWA EcoPrime really stand out is its unmatched accuracy at a flow tolerance of 0.5%. The fast flow stabilization enables rapid column equalization. Chromatographies are easy to reproduce thanks to constant back pressure.

Pharma systems method of construction

State-of-the-art design that complies with pharmaceutical requirements

State-of-the-art measuring technology and flexibility means that the EcoPrime chromatography system meets all pharmaceutical requirements. It can be fully drained and is both CIP and SIP-capable. The holdup volume has been reduced with an advanced bubble trap.

System flow independent of inlet pressure

The inlet pressure in the tank or in the discharge line has no impact on the system flow.

High dynamic range

The high dynamic range enables the use of many different chromatography columns.

Long service life

Thanks to the almost pulsation-free flow rates, the service life of the column medium is extremely high.

Linear gradient

The linear gradient of the chromatography system can be set between 1 and 99%.

Excellent compatibility

Our system can be freely combined with all SCADA systems.

Compliance with international standards

GMP compliance from DQ, IQ/OQ through to SAT and final acceptance, audit trail for compliance with specifications pursuant to CFR 21, part 11, and user and intervention traceability.


Exactly customized accessories

We pay attention to all the details: All electrical and electronic accessories for your diaphragm metering pump are perfectly tailored to our individual product - from the contact transmitter to the frequency inverter.

Easy to clean

An especially important advantage for pharmaceutical and food industry is that our systems can be quickly and easily cleaned with cleaning chemicals or hot steam.

Economic solutions

We always deliver economic pumps, systems and units with minimized energy consumption, high efficiency, low maintenance and a long lifetime.

Minimization of unproductive times

Our systems are extremely reliable and low maintenance. Thus, you can get the maximum out of your production and avoid costly downtime.

Examination by experts and authorities

We also gladly provide performance diagrams and certificates of static pressure tests also by TÜV, Germanischer Lloyd’s, Lloyd’s R. of S. or other authorities.

Complete documentation

In the process of documentation, we consider your requirements and provide inspection records, print samples, diagrams of output characteristics and registration papers on request.

Testing, acceptance and inspection

We make sure that everything works: LEWA offers numerous services, including factory acceptance test (FAT) at the manufacturing site or at your site (SAT), NDT and PMI.

Configurable fraction collector

The fraction collector of our chromatographic system is fully configurable, allowing you flexibility, tailor-made for your application.

Maintenance and service

No matter if maintenance, spare parts or repair - our service technicians are well trained and available worldwide. Thus, we guarantee fast response and smooth operations.

Videos about LEWA EcoPrime Chromatographie

Technical data

LEWA EcoPrime chromatography systems are available in a range of designs, whose minimum and maximum flow rates vary.

System / Model   Pump range (L/min) Column ID range (cm)
EP LPLC 250 Minimum 0.02 5
  Maximum 2.40 20
EP LPLC 500 Minimum 0.06 8
  Maximum 9,0 30
EP LPLC 1000 Minimum 0.12 8
  Maximum 17 60
EP LPLC 2000 Minimum 0.22 10
  Maximum 33 80


Typical applications of the LEWA EcoPrime chromatography system include purifying biopharmaceuticals, diluting buffers and concentrates, filtering process solutions, gentle concentration of intermediate products (biopharmaceuticals), and concentrating and purifying protein solutions.


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